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“With power comes the abuse of power.
And where there are bosses, there are crazy bosses. It’s nothing new.”

                                                                                                             Judd Rose

It’s the oldest story; as soon as one person was given power over another, there was the temptation to abuse that power. Your office is little exception. Imagine if Henry the Eighth’s maids had a good UELG Lawyer!  Here are some of the most well known cases that have been brought to light.

Not sure if it is Sexual Harassment?  It could look like this:

Today’los angeles sexual harassments Top FIVE Tactics of Harassment

A Sexually Charged Workplace. Thank you technology. While some jokes and internet pornography are funny to some, they can easily turn a great work environment into a hostile one. With the help of the web to spread such material, this can get out of control fast.

Unwelcome advances. Unwelcome solicitation of sexual or social activity from a boss or even co-workers can be considered harassment. This is especially true if offered in exchange for favors, promotions or raises. Most of this type of harassment is perpetrated by a superior.

Harassment Through Social Media.  The use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or similar social networks to spread rumors or attempt to make unwanted contact with a co-worker or employee.

Blackmail. A manager or co-worker who uses personal information they were entrusted with, to solicit sexual acts or favors.

Inappropriate Sexual Questioning. This means, management or other employees making inquiries or conducting conversation about another employee’s sexual activity, past or present.

Clearly some acts of sexual harassment are more in your face, but it is always wrong and offensive. Documenting such harassment is key. Thankfully, in this day and age, much of it occurs electronically and can be recorded.

What you’ll need to establish:

Who: Who is harassing you? Do you have any witnesses?

What: What type of harassment was perpetrated? The more details you have the better. You may not even realize certain incidents were harassment.

When: Details of date and time can help to establish possible witnesses and even video footage, if available.

Where: Where did or does it continue to occur. Again, details help. We may be able to find surveillance if a case is filed.

Are you the victim of Sexual Harassment at work?

While it can be difficult to put a price on how a person’s action made you feel, California has many laws to help protect employees in these situations, and the attorneys at United Employees Law Group can help you understand and navigate this difficult terrain.

California Sexual Harassment Law is a constantly evolving landscape. 2014 alone saw several new developments. One of the most significant changes comes with an expanded definition. No longer does a harassment charge require that the harasser had any sexual desire or intent in order to cause the victim to feel harassed.

There are TWO TYPES of recognized harassment:

Quid pro quo” meaning, “this for that” which is exactly that-one thing in exchange for another. Usually these acts will escalate, becoming intolerable and uncomfortable.

Hostile Environment. A hostile workplace can be the effect of actions by a supervisor or coworkers and does not require the presence of sexual activity. Such actions may cause you or others to feel persecuted or uncomfortable due to sexuality or gender. This can include: sexual or racist jokes, gestures, sexually explicit posters or photos.

The attorneys of UELG are well versed in all regulations pertaining to Sexual Harassment and we can help you through the process of getting justice for the abuse. In addition to sexual harassment laws, there are several laws protecting you against retaliation, so please don’t suffer quietly. Keep in mind that like most offenses, there is a statute of limitations which limits the time you have to file a complaint, so we urge you to act quickly.

Call us today for a FREE REVIEW of your situation. We have helped many people in similar situations and we will advocate for you.

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