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Are you looking for a dependable and trusted employment law attorney in Los Angeles? United Employees Law Group has got you covered! The specialist employment team at UELG in Los Angeles is highly experienced in dealing with every aspect of the most complicated employment law concerns. 

We are professionals in managing complicated labor and employment queries for workers. We offer strategic thinking, geared with our comprehensive knowledge of employment law, in a manner that concentrates on the priorities of our clients. 

Employment law is all we do, and we have licensed lawyers. Our single focus, thorough experience, and comprehensive expertise mean you will get top-notch service and the best outcome possible.  

As an employee, you have various rights, which are safeguarded under law. However, you are more assured of securing them if you’re represented by who we believe are the best employment lawyers. 

We are some of the leading law experts with deep experience and skills. We take the time to know our information. Given that we’re licensed and qualified attorneys, you are assured of confidentiality.  

Although each case varies, we regularly represent and win cases for employees. That means we are well acquainted with how everything works. In short, hiring us for all your legal employment concerns is a smart option!  

We value our clients. Your concerns are our concerns too.  

Employment law advice for an employee is a key area of our work. We repeatedly counsel executives and other senior employees from a wide array of sectors, including education, telecom, financial, and property, among others. 

We offer services to employees on every aspect of labor and employment law, including: 

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace 
  • Contract negotiation and support with contractual disputes 
  • Independent advice on settlement agreements 
  • Raising a grievance 
  • Unfair and wrongful dismissal advice 
  • Whistle-blowing 
  • Representation at court   
  • Guidance on grievance and disciplinary process  

UELG focuses on advising and counseling employees who have been presented with a settlement agreement by their employers. Our team will carefully discuss your situation and offer guidance in person or over the phone.  

You have the legal right to independent advice when negotiating a settlement agreement. Rest assured, our team will make sure you are completely updated on the statutory rights you’ve been asked to waive, the effect this will have on you, and will help you get to an amicable and fair agreement.  

Our employment legal team also has all-encompassing experience advising workers who are suffering from dismissal. Our clients routinely appreciate our prompt, hands-on, and collaborative approach we provide to help our clients in a concise, clear, and effective way. 

When you work with United Employees Law Group, you can expect to get: 

  • Flexibility – Our team will work by your schedule 
  • High-quality services at a reasonable price
  • A personal service customized to your goals 
  • Professional advice from highly professional employment lawyers  

We Are Located in 6701 Center Drive West, Suite 610 B, Los Angeles, CA 90045 

Do you have a Los Angeles employment dispute that needs litigation? Our employment law firm prides itself on our status to positively litigate cases for an employee in subjects of employment and labor law. We offer representation in cases of harassment, discrimination, law agreements, and wrongful termination of the contract, whistleblower, and so much more.  

Irrespective of the situation you experience, a consultation is an initial step in any employment dispute. Today is the right time. Throughout the consultation, you will receive legal counsel from our knowledgeable attorneys in employment law regarding your queries on your duties in the office.  

Not all cases need litigation. Oftentimes, you might receive the solutions to your concerns or questions through a single meeting without the need for more representation. Allow our Los Angeles employment law attorneys to help you with your case.  

Do you need one-time counsel? 

Our involvement and skill in employment law litigation enable us a one-of-a-kind standpoint to know what employees need.  

The courtroom isn’t necessarily the nicest and most exciting place to be. However, our team flourishes there. Our Los Angeles employment law advocates are committed to protecting our clients before a judge. We strive to bring them justice when they have experienced wrongdoing. 

We take pride in our success and excellent track record. We understand that not all are prepared to take their employment dispute on trial. But many times you don’t need to. The good news is that you could benefit from our cost-efficient employment legal experience. 

Probably you think you require an attorney to represent you in a dispute with your employer when all you may need is some guidance. Don’t worry; we are always here to help you. 

At United Employees Law Group, we understand that seeking a place where you could receive prompt solutions to your concerns is simpler said than done. That’s the main reason we’re always accessible through our consultations. After talking with us, you might find that you don’t have a case. However, we can still bring you knowledge and peace of mind about your rights. 

So, feel free to call our professional and experienced Los Angeles employment law attorneys today. Expect there’s always a team member in our office who is ready to take your call. At the time of your consultation, feel free to come with any concerns you might have, whether it might be on state laws, policies, or simply legal general queries. Our legal team can help you to your next steps.  

The Los Angeles Market  

The Los Angeles market is comprehensive. Employees in Los Angeles and the state of California are safeguarded in regard to employment discrimination. State laws make it illegal for managers to discriminate based on disability, sex, religion, color, race, and nationality.  

Do you think you’re one of those employees who have been treated dishonestly in any aspect of the employment process? If you think so, do not hesitate to call our employment law attorney to know more about your rights as an employee.  

Do you think you’ve been harassed at work? Take note that you have the right to pursue legal action. The procedure begins by getting the services of a Los Angeles attorney and filing a complaint. We will help you examine the details of your case and present counsel on how to proceed.  

When a Los Angeles employer wrongfully terminates you, it risks the financial security and stability of you and your entire family. A lot of employees are endangered to wage theft, harassment, discrimination, a hostile work setting, medical leave, retaliation, or even terminated unlawfully through no fault of their own. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to allow your former boss’ illegal employment practices to decide your fate. United Employees Law Group can help you take the necessary steps to reclaim control of your life. If you are one of those workers who feel you have been terminated wrongfully, call our law firm today for a free, no-risk consultation about these practice areas. 

  • Wrongful Termination 

In Los Angeles, wrongful termination claims could take place when your boss fires you for an unlawful reason or in violation of an employment contract. It’s illegal for an employer to discharge or harass an employee because that employee engaged in a secure activity.  

  • Discrimination  

The Constitution of the United States ensures workplace harassment and discrimination claims must not be taken lightly. Discrimination is illegal, and employees working in a toxic setting should have an employment lawyer to defend their rights. 

UELG can help you defend your rights and get just and fair compensation because of the illegal business practices of your employer.  

  • Workplace Retaliation  

Workplace retaliation in Los Angeles takes place when an employer takes serious action against an individual because they opposed an illegal employment practice. Typically, retaliation in the workplace happens after you complain regarding discrimination.  

The state law makes employment discrimination unlawful. However, the ill-fated fact is that employers often retaliate against employees for voicing legal concerns regarding unlawful working conditions.  

  • Contract Disputes 

Are you being requested to sign an exploitative employment contract? Perhaps you have concerns about a contract, which you have signed or are about to sign. Are you being discriminated against by your manager? Perhaps your employment contract has encountered a breach. No matter what your case is, you need to get in touch with our attorney today. Call UELG to answer any of your queries and to help solve possible disputes .  

An Employment Attorney Los Angeles Will Take It from Here 

United Employees Law Group concentrates all of our attention on consumer and employment law so you can rest assured your legal matter is in the right hands.  

The Los Angeles employment law offers remedies to an employee who may have already lost their work because of the unlawful reason for their employer. Have you been wrongfully terminated? If so, you might be entitled to compensation like reinstatement, front pay, back pay, and other benefits. 

On top of that, Los Angeles law firms protect against employers retaliating against particular employees by taking an adverse action, which leads to something other than termination. 

Our law firm understands what is at stake when you lose a job or struggle through an intolerable workplace setting in Los Angeles. Our law firm takes nearly every case on a contingency-fee-basis. That simply suggests you will only pay for the attorney’s fees and costs when the law firm obtains your financial compensation. 

Have you been wrongfully terminated from your work? Then do not hesitate to call United Employees Law Group today to get a free consultation. Every case we handle is reviewed by an experienced and reliable labor law attorney Los Angeles.  

However, some individuals are frightened to call us. The reason behind this is that they are ashamed about being terminated. Take note that UELG believes that the majority of workplace disputes could be avoided or resolved successfully when both employers and employees understand their duties and rights. 

When you choose us, rest assured there’s no risk in talking with us during the initial meeting to know if your case has merit. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers are fully aware of your rights, and we fight for compensation, which is rightfully due.  

Why Choose United Employees Law Group? 

Our focus goes beyond presenting top-notch legal advice to our clients. UELG understands employees and has a real world approach to presenting cost-efficient and timely legal services. Our values determine how our employment lawyers work together and how we relate to our clients. Our culture is one of rapid adaptation, enterprise, and innovation to change.  

Our core values are composed of being: 

  • Righteous – UELG performs with integrity and fairness in each of our dealings. We sustain strict discretion regarding our dealings as well as those of our clients. We always treat each client with courtesy and respect.  
  • Pragmatic – UELG is down to earth and utilizes streamlined plain English in every consultation. We are  result-centric instead of slaves to process. 
  • Optimistic – UELG is always progressive and seeks to establish positive experiences. We establish relevant and meaningful relationships, along with our clients at all times.  

Call Us Today!  

Every employee deserves to be represented by a trusted and experienced Los Angeles employment lawyers. Here at United Employees Law Group, that’s what we strive to offer.  

If you have been treated unfairly at the workplace, you need not suffer more than you have. You will find hundreds of laws that safeguard Los Angeles employees from unlawful treatment, but they do not impose themselves. 

Call United Employees Law Group today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation with one of our skilled and reliable employment law attorneys. We represent employees in legal disputes with their managers or companies. Our firm will offer you sound legal assistance to help you accomplish your goals. 

If we take a case, we sometimes will try to discuss a pre-litigation settlement on your behalf. Call us today at 888-455-74334 to schedule a free consultation. You can also visit us at our office location at 6701 Center Drive West, Suite 610 B, Los Angeles, CA 90045.  

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Pursuant to State and Federal law, we must advise you that by entering your contact information, you are providing express written consent for United Employees Law Group to contact you at the email and number provided via telephone, mobile device or text SMS/MMS even if you are registered on a corporate, state, or federal Do Not Call list. You are also agreeing to our terms of service & privacy policy. Consent is not required to use our services.