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We Are A Premier California Labor Attorney

Are you in the Inland Empire metro area and are seeking trusted and dependable employment attorneys? You have come to the right place! At United Employees Law Group (UELG), we provide first-rate and experienced legal representation to workers/employees who weren’t paid income owed, were wrongfully terminated, discriminated against at work, or were harassed.

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Employment regulation can be specific to each state. It means using a lawyer skilled in this area of law is a must. Employment laws can be hard to understand. That is the reason why an employment lawyer could assist you in explaining the laws and statutes, employee handbooks, and legal documents that involve employment regulations. 

A labor attorney plays a vital role in dealing with legal disagreements between an employer and an employee. We at UELG can deal with various legal issues related to employment like discrimination, failure to pay salaries, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and personal injury. 

Regardless of your status as an employee, employing our California labor lawyer might be required if you’re involved in the breach of contract or contract violation or another employment issue. 

We’ve been exclusively focused on matters of employment law standing up for employees for many years. With our extensive experience, we have gained a status for being committed and passionate advocates for thousands of employees who have needed seasoned and skilled legal assistance. 

Even if results vary, UELG has a long history of acquiring superb case results as well as noticeable success in securing and fighting for the rights of workers. Our lawyers bring personal dedication, commitment, sensitivity, as well as many years of experience to the table for each worker we fight for and represent. 

Representing Inland Empire employees and Beyond

Our employment law attorney knows that no two cases are the same and strive to give our beloved clients the full attention they deserve in order for us to know their needs and wants as well as work with them to gain the result they are seeking. We have been extremely successful in this regard.

Our lawyers have many years of experiencing in handling all kinds of employment claims as well in the areas of:

  • Forced to quit or wrongful termination
  • Family, medical, disability and pregnancy leaves

  • Pregnancy discrimination

  • Workplace discrimination

  • Workplace harassment

  • Sex discrimination

  • Missed meal and rest periods

  • Unpaid wages and wage theft

  • Jury trials

  • Employment litigation

  • Labor code violations

Our Inland Empire Metro Area Office Is At 1375 Cane Bay Ln, Perris, CA 92571

Our attorneys are renowned in California and surrounding areas as a powerful supporter of the rights of employees. Our office is located at Inland Empire Metro Area 1375 Cane Bay Ln, Perris, CA 92571. We advise as well as stand for individual employees and even groups of workers in the state. 

UELG has recovered millions for workers in California in a broad array of labor law matters such as hour and wage disagreements, discrimination claims, harassment, wrongful termination claims as well as workplace retaliation claims. We are skilled labor law attorneys and although each case varies, we have an amazing record of achieving superb results for our clients. 

When you hire United Employees Law Group, our lawyers will advocate for you from start to finish. Our skilled and smart lawyers founded our law firm on tradition, strong values as well as ethics. Throughout the years, our law firm still adheres to our founding faith and principle by aggressively supporting your rights as an employee on a day to day basis. We have many years of collective legal experience, and our resilience and dedication to our services have made them more efficient and stronger through the use of advanced technology. The result of our hard work has been happy clients, proven case outcomes, and superb representation on behalf of public and private employees all through California. 

Our California Labor Attorney at UELG Is Experienced in Various Labor Cases

The employer may commit unlawful acts that can affect the employee and their privileges and benefits as a worker. You must consult our employment  attorneys when: 

Claiming for Salaries or Meal Benefits Which Are Incorrectly Denied 

If your unemployment claim has been denied, keep in mind that you have the right to make an appeal. State procedures differ; however, usually, you will need to file an appeal in the form of a letter and attend a hearing in person or by phone. You should state why you believe you are qualified or entitled to the benefits. 

In this case, having a skilled and professional labor lawyer will assist you in sorting out the required papers to help you at the hearing. These actions could make the difference between winning and losing the claim. 

However, it really makes sense if you hire our attorneys, only if the benefits outweigh the expenses. You should carefully take into consideration whether you have a chance to win. Our attorneys could assist you in making a convincing case. On the other hand, we can’t change the facts. Getting our service won’t help if you’re not entitled to the benefits under the state law. 

You Were Hired or Quit From Your Work

Usually, you’ll be entitled to benefits if you are out of a job by no fault of your own. You might not be entitled to the benefits if you quit your job willingly. You may not be qualified for the benefits when you were fired for willful misconduct. 

In most cases, employees who were fired or quit the job should go to a hearing to know their qualifications for employee’s benefits. In this case, our skilled labor attorney can assists you in exploring the most efficient way to approach the process of filing a claim. Also, we will assists you and provide the facts at the hearing to emphasize the reasons that you might be qualified for the benefits. 

Legal Claim Against the Manager 

If you think that your manager or boss has breached or abuse your rights and violated labor laws, be sure to consult with a reliable labor attorney in California to know how strong your claims are. For example, you may think you were chosen to be dismissed or discharged because of your age or race, or that the manager fired you in reprisal for reporting health and safety violations. 

In which case, your claim may be the first step in a legal process, one which can result in a considerable unemployment insurance benefit. Our California labor lawyers can also assess whether or not you may have a claim of wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment. If this is the case, then you might be entitled to additional compensation.  

Do not hesitate to call UELG immediately if you are suffering from any work-related problems. Remember that any delay could stop you from receiving just compensation for illegal actions by your employer. Therefore, it is important to seek legal assistance immediately. 

The Inland Empire Market

Our attorneys know you work harder at your work, and dealing with inequality in the workplace can be an overwhelming experience. At United Employees Law Group, we know the complexities which can come up during an employment case. We have the knowledge and years of experience to assist you in the settlement or assist you in navigating the court system if the case ends up at trial.

We are passionate and skilled leaders in the area of employment law. Our attorneys have been the first to litigate certain cases of first impression in the state of California. We have prevailed on several of these.

  • We Are Professional Trial Attorneys in California

The most excellent approach to win is to make the case trial-ready. As skilled and seasoned litigators, we will fight for you from start to finish. Attorneys at many firms in California rarely, if ever, take a case to trial. Our attorneys are confident about fighting for you in the law of court as we believe in our vision and mission: this is to protect your rights as an employee who has been wronged by your employer. At UELG, you will have respected, committed legal attorneys who are always on your side to fight for your rights.

  • Our Lawyers Think Outside the Box

If you do not receive compensation for each minute you spend at the office working; our attorneys know how to assist you in recovering and how to prepare the best possible case. Our attorneys carefully analyze every workplace situation and explore each option available to assist our clients in getting the pay they deserve. At UELG, we like to assist you in getting the salaries and monies you are owed for your important time you have dedicated to the workplace. 

  • We Care for You

Not everyone in the area of labor law does. Each client is different, and UELG customizes our approach for every case to get excellent results. We will study your situation and your objectives, so we can assist you to obtain the best possible outcome.

  • We Assign Lawyers Specific in Each Case 

This means you will have a professional team working on your behalf as well as fighting to protect your interests and rights as an employee. Our California labor lawyers are hands-on, and we offer a high degree of attention to each case. This is an advantage not offered at many firms.

We litigate against corporations and big companies as we have the skills, resources as well as knowledge to do so. Our lawyers handle significantly large claims. However, we also stand for individual workers who work for smaller companies. It doesn’t matter if you are the only claimant or your case merits or calls for a class action lawsuit, our lawyer can assist you in determining the best possible avenues to the best outcome.

  • Our Whole Legal Practice is Committed to Labor Law

It is a dynamic field of law that is constantly changing and we keep abreast of the new statutes and governing court cases in this field of law, so we can protect your interests and needs at every turn. While other firms in California might branch out their legal practice, UELG sticks to labor law as it is our passion. Our clients can depend on our decades of experience to assists in getting the compensation they owed. 

UELG has an impeccable reputation in the court and amongst the opposing council. Our lawyers are respected and valued for our commitment as well as professionalism to safeguarding the rights of our clients. Our name and standing in the community is a remarkable perk to our beloved clients. 

  • Excellent Staff

We have superb staff that is always available to assist you and take your calls. Even though many employment issues can be stressful, we attempt to take the mystery out of the process. This is our goal. 

  • We Are Always Available to Provide Help and Support

We are always available to help you with your needs or when a question arises. Our staff is always available to answer all your concerns regarding labor law. We are just one phone call away and we currently are open 7 days a week, with few exceptions.

Our California labor lawyers have many years of legal experience, serving thousands of clients in California all over the state. We assure you that you will get only the best service and superior and sound legal advice from a team of committed and smart attorneys. 

Our mission is to give you the best representation, obtain the best results, including maximum compensation, when possible. We provide advice on a wide spectrum of employment law issues like abuse by boss or managers, unpaid wages, failure to provide meal breaks, discrimination, wrongful termination, and many others. 

  • We provide a Free Evaluation Of Your Case

We know how essential it is to immediately seek legal counsel when handling labor law claims and cases. So, we provide each prospective client with a free case assessment. This will allow us to provide you with information as to whether or not yours is a case we can accept. We also provide each prospective client with resources that will help them pursue their claims in the event we are unable to accept the case.

Call an Inland Empire Employment Attorney Today!

We urge you to call an employment lawyer at United Employees Law Group, to talk about the specific facts of your labor law lawsuit or claim. Our lawyers can assess and review your case and give you straightforward suggestions on your rights and options. Contact us at (888) 455-7434 or use our email contact form to clarify the schedule a phone call. 

UELG – The Premier California Labor Law Attorney

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Pursuant to State and Federal law, we must advise you that by entering your contact information, you are providing express written consent for United Employees Law Group to contact you at the email and number provided via telephone, mobile device or text SMS/MMS even if you are registered on a corporate, state, or federal Do Not Call list. You are also agreeing to our terms of service & privacy policy. Consent is not required to use our services.