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Are you one of those employees who have suffered unwarranted dismissal? Call United Employees Law Group today!

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Your work not just helps you pay your bills. It could also be a source of meaning, purpose, and friendship. That’s the main reason why unfair dismissal could be very much upsetting. Without any mistake of your own, you could find yourself cut off from your colleagues, friends as well as your paycheck.

Don’t worry now because our team of unjustified dismissal lawyers has the know-how and tools to help you. We work with employees who are wrongfully terminated regularly. On top of that, we also guide them to turn their professional lives around by employing our deep knowledge of employment law.

You can rest assured our lawyers concentrate solely on working with workers who have been fired wrongfully as well as issues related to other employment law concerns.

No matter if it was termination based on retaliation, discrimination, whistleblowing, sexual orientation, or often just a bad situation, UELG’s attorney for

unwarranted dismissal will investigate. We will get to work and will put bad employers on their heels. After all, it’s what we love to do!

What is Wrongful Dismissal?

Unjustified dismissal is a type of employment discrimination. It happens when a worker is wrongfully fired by his or her employer. Keep in mind that unfair dismissal could be based on different theories. It includes security given under the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 or also known as breach of an employment contract.

Termination might be considered ‘wrong’ if it is based on bad, unreasonable, or unfair information. If you believe you experienced unfair termination, then you must get in touch with an attorney for unjustified dismissal. Our employment lawyers have the necessary experience and expertise to assess your case and will fight for employees in unwarranted dismissal practice areas.

Different Types of unjustified dismissal Cases

Do you believe you’re fired illegally from your work? If so, you may possibly like to determine if you could get your ex-employer to pay for your financial loss as well as other damages.

A lot of individuals think that unfair termination indicates being fired for a partial reason. But that’s not always the case. You will find numerous reasons for being fired, which seem unfair but are not illegal.

In California, the majority of employment is ‘at will,’ meaning employers could fire their staff for any reason. However, there are particular exceptions carved out by state laws, offering employees particular legal protection.

Remember that termination is wrongful if it fits within one of the following exclusions.

Different state laws safeguard qualified workers from being fired while they are on particular types of medical and family leave. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employers with fifty or more workers may not fire qualified staff for taking at least twelve weeks of leave every year for particular reasons.

It includes their own personal injury or a grave health illness of their immediate loved ones or bonding with a new child. On the other hand, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it not legal to fire a worker because of a disability.

Did your employer break a law by firing you? If so, you might be able to collect damages for what is referred to as “breach of contract.” Oral or written employment contract might encompass a limit on the right of the employer to fire the employee.

Different laws ban employers from retaliating against staff practicing their legal rights by completing or reporting about particular workplace concerns. It consists of:

Other laws safeguard workers who are whistleblowers. These are employees who report illegal activity that is not related to workplace rights like filing false tax returns, shareholder fraud, or other financial irregularities.

The law forbids employers from discriminating against employees based on particular categories like age, religion, pregnancy, gender, national origin, color, race, disability, sexual orientation, and genetic information, among others.

Your employer should also safeguard you from harassment in the workplace. But only when it is based on one of those protected attributes and when it is ubiquitous or severe enough to impact the terms of the employment.

The ADA obliges employers to present rational accommodation for the disability of an employee as long as it does not cause unreasonable adversity for the organization. Anti-discrimination laws also oblige employers to accommodate the religious practices and beliefs of the employees.

Such regulation safeguards workers who are fired for asking accommodations or are obliged to quit as the employer refused to present enough accommodation after they ask it.

A Consultation with Experienced Attorneys for Wrongful Termination Can Help

Even with the state’s unjustified dismissal laws in place, employers in Los Angeles continue to fire workers for reasons, which violate their basic privileges.

Have you recently lost your job in Los Angeles? Do you believe the decision of your employer to fire you was based on a protected characteristic or in violation of an employment contract? Call a professional Attorney for unwarranted dismissal from UELG for legal assistance.

You might have grounds to file from an unjustified dismissal lawsuit against your employer. Our experienced and qualified lawyer can help strengthen your chances of a favorable result in court.

Steps You Need to Do Before Pursuing an Unjustified Dismissal Lawsuit

The only thing that is worse than losing your work is actually losing your employment for no reason at all or an unfair reason!

Fortunately, you can find an attorney for wrongful dismissal who enables employees like you to achieve redress in the event of unjustified dismissal.

Are you one of those people who have experienced unfair dismissal? Then keep in mind that you should call an attorney for wrongful termination for a consultation to identify whether a lawsuit is necessary.

Make sure you follow the steps below, especially if you are planning a lawsuit.

  1. Investigate the reason for your discharge

It’s best to ask your employer if you do not know the reason behind firing you from your job and document the answer. The response given by your manager might be enlightening. The response the employer provides you might be the determining feature in your conclusion to file a lawsuit.

Make sure you pay attention to what your employer says. Outline the essence of the discussion. Ask your manager to put his or her motives for firing you into writing.

2. Call lawyer who deals with unwarranted dismissals

Do you feel you might have been fired wrongfully? The next step you need to do is to consult with a reputable attorney for this practice area immediately. You know how complicated the law could be.

No matter if you feel you have a strong case or no case at all, you will find several aspects, which might help or hurt your possibilities of getting a reimbursement. Always call a lawyer to learn if you have grounds for a suit.

3. Learn the fundamentals of wrongful termination laws

The law requires that a company has the privilege to terminate a worker for any motive or at any given time without experiencing legal consequences. Nevertheless, you will find some exceptions to this. You might have a legal case against your boss if you were fired for:

4. Get the proper documentation or proof

You should first prove your employer fired you for an unlawful reason to pursue a lawsuit. That indicates you will need precise proof. Your job is to secure any correspondence between you as well as your employer. That includes text messages, written letters, emails, and more.

File any or all performance evaluations as well. You can request access to your records, too, even though your employer is not indebted to provide you access. What’s more, it might need a subpoena from an attorney.

Thus, you can consider beginning a journal to document the issues as they come. Write the contact details and names of every relevant party.

You will find other stuff you need to take into account when pursuing an unjustified dismissal suit. However, those four steps must put you in the right way.

Do you need support in assessing your legal options? Feel free to call our experienced lawyers at United Employees Law Group today for a free consultation at 888-455-7434.

Statistics of People Terminated Wrongfully from Their Workplace

Did you know that specialists believe that tens of thousands of individuals are illegally and wrongfully fired every year?

Indeed, it’s worth considering that many of these illegal firings aren’t reported. On top of that, some workers might not realize their privileges have been disrupted. However, this figure proves how common and widespread the concern is, regardless of the laws created to stop it from happening.

If you’re one of those wrongfully terminated by your employer, try to collect as much data as possible. As we mentioned earlier, it’s worth asking your employer, the reason for your termination. Write everything down and collect as much information as you can.

On top of that, you need to keep your emotions in check as well. Don’t remove your eyes from the big picture. For one thing, this termination does not indicate your career is finished.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of successful individuals have been fired, and you could simply bounce back and seek out another position. What’s more, you like to put your energy into safeguarding your rights and understanding about the legal steps you need to take if you think the termination was not legal. Do not react emotionally. We suggest that you do not say or do things you will wish you could take back later on.

Call A Wrongful Termination Lawyer Today to Help You with Your Case

Identifying whether you are terminated illegally needs a thorough assessment of the facts of your case. That kind of litigation is a clear focus for our law firm. Fortunately, we may be able to help you in this uncertain and traumatic time. From our office in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that United Employees Law Group represents employees statewide.

When you have been fired for unlawful or unfair reasons, you need a trusted and dependable employment lawyer on your side. Take note that the choice of law firm always matters.

You like a legal team who has managed cases like yours before and already has a record of accomplishment of successful results in all practice areas on behalf of their clients. The attorneys at UELG will not just pursue your case aggressively, we will also keep you informed each step of the way, so you are aware of what is going on at all times.

We treat each case with the attention and care as if it were our only case. What’s more, we have the expertise consulting terminated employees in a way, which is careful, but respectful at the same time.

UELG will stop at nothing to make sure justice is always served from getting statements from your manager, coworkers, or other people to utilizing our resources to prove you were fired for unlawful or unjust reasons, as the firm deems necessary.

If you have been terminated for illegal or unlawful reasons, the attorney at United Employees Law Group is always here to seek financial compensation and justice so you can provide for your family and move forward with your life.

At UELG, we will deal with each aspect of your case to make sure you have an unbiased case and strong argument. Do you like to find out more about our wrongful termination legal services and how we could represent you? Feel free to call us today at 888-455-7434 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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