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About Our Los Angeles Employment Law Firm

We Are United Employees Law Group – A premier California employment law firm dedicated to helping those who have been wronged by their employers.

When you start looking for a lawyer you may tell yourself:

“I need the BEST California labor Attorney!”

My name is Walter Haines and I built this firm to provide real help to people like you. Over the past 35 plus years that I have been practicing law, one thing has remained true, I love helping others who have been cheated or harmed. Through the years I have moved from tax attorney, to estate lawyer and business attorney, but when I began my work with victims of employer abuse, I really found a feeling of satisfaction knowing I was helping my clients.

For the past 10 years, UELG has focused on employment law. We have handled more than 1500 employment law cases, with astounding results. Our clients have been awarded more than $250 million, from both individual and class action cases.

I hope you can tell by now that helping employees through my knowledge of CA Labor Law has become my passion. Not only has my firm achieved some of the best results of any California Labor Law Firm, but through our work in class actions UELG has assisted large groups in recovering wages, damages, interest and other monies owed.

Why is UELG “Different?”

I know, everyone says, “we’re different.” I’ve heard it a thousand times, but at the end of the day I think the best judge of quality comes from those we have already helped. As our firm continues to grow, many of our new clients are referred from other happy clients. Referrals like these are the best thank you and advertising we can get. You can read more from these happy clients here.

Your Employment Law Super Team

An irreplaceable part of any firm is its administrative team. I could not do my job without their support. I have assembled a team I believe is one of the best staff in the industry and I think you’ll agree.

Here is the amazing team I have built to help me advocate for you:



California labor laws can be complex and there is a constant stream of new reported cases that impact how a case should be approached to employ the most effective strategy. Our law firm stays abreast of the most recent court decisions that may affect client outcomes. This research gives our clients the edge when California overtime laws are breached and we must protect and assert our client’s rights to recover overtime pay and other related claims. Our role as a leading employee advocate continually informing California employees about recent employment law changes is an important part of our mission. We update the information on our blog often to keep you informed. This blog is dedicated to California employment and labor laws and keeping employees “up to date” about those issues that affect their employment experience.

Selecting a top California employment law firm to handle your overtime or labor law claim is a crucial decision that may impact the outcome of your potential case. Find out why UELG is your best choice for legal representation by contacting us today for a free case evaluation.


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**CA Overtime is Over 8 Hours worked in a DAY, Federal overtime is over 40 hours in a week.

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