Wrongful Termination Tricks

Sneaky, Sneaky…Tricks Employers use to save money at your expense.
Don’t let them get away with it!

  • Enforcing policy out of the blue: You’ve always been allowed to take a restroom break when ever needed but suddenly your supervisor starts writing you up for it, etc. These little infractions of policy that were ignored before. Suddenly you filed a complaint with HR about a boss or condition at work and now you’re written up for every tiny thing.
  • Picky-picky paper trail: Similar to above, everything was fine until you made a complaint to HR and now your boss Person under crumpled pile of papers with hand holding a help siseems to be stacking up little offenses against you for little things that don’t even really matter to your job.
  • Fake Layoffs: Strangely enough the boss you just filed a complaint against at work tells you he so sorry but they are forced to make lay-offs for financial reasons. Is it a coincidence that the only three people “laid-off” are you and your fellow co-workers who filed the complaint and wouldn’t settle for status quo?
  • Passive aggressive Shove out: Your company knows if they fire you it will be questionable, so instead they create such an uncomfortable environment they hope you will quit. This may be a case of Wrongful termination do to Hostile work environment and if they step over the line may even become a harassment case.
  • Convenient timing: Were you “laid-off” right before you were due to receive a large pension increase, raise or promotion as per your contract? This is very common these days and can be a wrongful termination case and sometimes, even a discrimination case if it is happening on a regular basis to employees of a specific age.
  • The Sick leave “boot”: Were you issued a lay-off notice or fired as soon as your legal leave under the Family Leave Act was up? Some companies have used this tactic to unload employees rather than working with them to help them in returning to work.
  • Now you’re TOO Disabled: Were you fired for a disability that you either had all along or sustained on the job? Maybe they changed the job description and said you could no longer perform it properly or you sustained an injury on the job and they refuse to accommodate you so that you can return to your previous position. This can fall into wrongful termination and or discrimination and even illegal workers comp fraud.


  • The Pretend Manager: Your non-exempt status as a manager is defined by the duties you actually perform and not just a title. Some companies will slap the title of manager on an employee just to claim they are not entitled to overtime pay. The Manager Exemption lays out the full guidelines, but if you getting paid less than $28,800 a year you probably qualify for overtime.
  • Work Off the clock: Your Company must pay you for all time you spend performing your job. That can include changing into your uniform if you are required to do so at work or dropping off deposits at the bank after work etc. if you are working you must be paid. If you work a full eight hour shift with no lunch period and clock in after changing in the locker room that can add up fast to nearly two hours of overtime A DAY that you weren’t paid plus penalties and interest!

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**CA Overtime is Over 8 Hours worked in a DAY, Federal overtime is over 40 hours in a week.

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