Disability Rights in California 

If you are from California living with a disability you probably have come to realize that you need a lot of assistance in your day to day activities. The law provides you with many disability rights that are designed to enable you to operate your daily life as if you had no disabilities.

Here are some of the laws that you should know of:

California has a law that restricts people from discriminating people with disabilities. This also is included in all other aspects of life activities and endeavors are it at school, work, public transportation, and accommodations.

This law states that employers and public places to make their facilities accommodate everyone including those living with disabilities. For example, if there is a student who is deaf in a class there must be a sign language interpreter provided to facilitate their learning.

The act also provides that disabled people get access to facilities, hence the owners of these properties have to facilitate this by providing a way that any disabled person can access the facility and each of its buildings and still be useful to all without discrimination.
State Voter Enrollment Law
The State Voter Enrollment Law states that the government must make it possible for people living with disabilities to be able to vote by providing mechanisms and ways that can enable this person to be able to vote and access such facilities with much ease. Polling stations have to get people to provide them with assistance if the need arises. This also includes the printing of voting instructions in large print to enable all to see clearly.


Rehabilitation Law
The Rehabilitation Law also compels the government agency to provide for accommodating all people, including those living with disabilities. This particular law requires all entities to provide care for the disabled ones without discrimination and even provide them with required assistances if need be.

Facilities such as wheel chairs should be provided. Large accommodative seats at work places should also be provided. Specialized teachers also should be available at schools to help persons with disabilities. The government as a whole is required to facilitate these agencies with resources to be able to accomplish the requirement of this law.
Rights For Everyone
These disability rights are meant for to provide for equal opportunities for all individuals including those living without disabilities. It is therefore very important for everyone to know about the laws and provisions to promote a better environment for coexisting amongst all people. Always visit any available attorney if you feel that your rights have been violated.