Constructive Discharge in California

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There are times when working conditions become intolerable hence you decide to quit. The resolution to quit can be brought about by many factors. For instance, you may face discrimination or other forms of harassment which endanger your life hence you decide to quit. When you resign from your place of work, there are benefits as well as others which you will forego. But, for the case of quitting due to intolerable working conditions, you are treated as if you were dismissed without your choice to resign.

Constructive discharge in California

It is a situation when you quit or resign your job due to unfavorable working conditions which you are subjected to. Some employees can subject you to illegal working conditions which force you to quit. The act of quitting your job due to unfair working conditions is referred to as constructive discharge. The situation is treated as if you were fired because your employer made you to quit due to subjecting you to unbearable working conditions.

How to prove you were forced to quit

For you to prove to the court of law that you were forced to quit hence you deserve compensation, you can used the following ways to prove your case:

Prove you were subjected to illegal working conditions

If you were subjected to conditions such as sexual harassment or incidences where you were punished as retaliation due to complaints you raised in your workplace, then you deserve to be treated as a case of constructive discharge.

Continued mistreatment

If you notice some form of mistreatment in your workplace, then you need to report to your boss or department head. If the head of the department does not act and the mistreatment continues, then you can quit and file a case under constructive discharge.

Intolerable mistreatment

If the mistreatment was intolerable to an extent where your only left option was to quit, then you can file a case after you leave the work place due to intolerable working conditions.

Quit because of the mistreatment

If there is a male coworker who is making sexual advances to you and you are not comfortable, you should ask him to stop. If he persists, then you need to report the matter to your boss. Give the boss some time to act on the issue but if weeks and months pass but without any change, then you can resort to quitting the job and file for constructive discharge so that you can access damages from your employer.