California Law Concerning Domestic Violence Leave

The law in California requires employers to notify employees about their rights when it comes to domestic violence leave. There are several legislations which have yet to become law and others that have been signed by the governor to become law.

For example, the law on the rights of employees concerning domestic violence leave. Stalking and special assault have been discussed in the house of legislation. Many employers and workers in California know their rights when it comes to the legislation.

There are several reasons why an employer can take leave to seek medical attention due to sexual violence.

Some of the reasons why an employer can seek leave under the domestic violence leave legislation include the following circumstances:


To seek medical attention for injuries

Some domestic violence case can lead to injury. If you have been injured in the violence, the law has provisions where you can seek leave at your workplace for you to attend to the injuries. There are many people who have gone through domestic violence which affects their productivity to work. The law tries to make it possible for workers to seek for a leave so that they can attend to the injuries for them to become more productive.

Obtaining services from domestic violence program

There are several programs such as domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center among other service providers. An employee is allowed legally to seek for leave from his place of work and seek the services of the programs. As an employer, you should know your employee has the rights to seek the services of experts in the field hence you should be prepared to allow your employee carry out the duties.


To obtain psychological counseling

If you have been abused in a domestic violence, then you need to seek the services of a psychological counselor the law in California allows people who have undergone the domestic violence to access the help of the experts. If you have been affected, then it is necessary for you to seek the services of the experts after you seek leave at your workplace. The employer is required by law to grant you the leave.


To take safety actions

You can decide to relocate for sometimes you solve the issue or decide to move out of your marriage completely. In such a case, you need time and the law allows you to access such opportunity so that you can move out of the abusive relationship.