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About Our California Law Firm

United Employees Law Group, PC is a California employment law firm, significantly experienced in the pursuit of California overtime pay, meals and breaks, reimbursable expenses and other related claims. While our law offices are based in Southern California, we serve clients throughout the entire State of California. Not all California law firms are considered equal. If you are looking for top performing California labor attorneys dedicated to insuring the best possible case outcomes for both individual and class clients, then United Employees Law Group is well suited to handle your legal needs.

United Employees Law Group has become a leading advocate for Employees deprived of overtime pay. Unlike many California employment law firms who approach cases the traditional way, our firm has developed a cutting edge litigation approach that, in many instances, reduces the time it takes to bring cases to completion. This approach also provides our California clients with the optimal opportunity for maximum recovery of their claims.

An understanding of wage and hour law unique to California combined with the fact that if the Employee prevails, the Employer must pay the Employee's legal fees provides an impetus for the litigation approach undertaken by United Employees Law Group. This approach gives the Employer an early incentive to settle the claims with our clients, because as time passes and more work is required to pursue our client’s claims, the demand to the Employer may increase drastically.

Through the litigation process, the Employer, many times, comes to realize that he is fighting a losing battle and it is best to concede and settle the claim. Some Employers, although very few, persist and wish to go to trial. When this happens, our experienced California trial lawyers are willing and able to go to court to seek justice for our clients, and pursue the maximum claims allowed under California law.

In a legal world where many California employment law firms tend to take on many different types of cases, our law firm chooses to focus on the pursuit of overtime and related claims for Employees who have been treated unfairly in regard to their compensation. The execution of this mission has lead to our recognition by our peers as one of the premier California class action law firms. Several of the class action settlements obtained by our law firm are amongst the largest in California for the particular class or classes involved. Our Southern California law firm was founded on the belief that both individual and large groups of California employees deserve outstanding legal representation.

The staff at United Employees Law Group is experienced, professional and friendly, and service and communication are priorities when it comes to dealing with client cases. The proactive approach of gathering evidence and witness interviewing to support the assertions of its clients early in the process sets our law firm apart from its counterparts.

California overtime laws can be complex and there is a constant stream of new reported cases that impact how a case should be approached for the most effective strategy. Our law firm stays abreast of the most recent court decisions that may affect client outcomes. This research gives our clients the edge when California overtime laws are breached and we must protect and assert our client's rights to recovery of overtime pay and other related claims. Our role as a leading employee advocate continually informing California employees about recent employment law changes is an important part of our mission. Our law firm recently announced its new blog, “The California Employee Advocate.” This blog is dedicated to California employment and labor laws and keeping employees “up to date” about those issues that affect their employment experience. The Resources Section provides a link to this California employment and labor law blog.

Selecting a top California employment law firm to handle your overtime or labor law claim is a crucial decision that may impact the outcome of your potential case. Find out why our California law firm may be your best choice for legal representation by contacting us today for a free case evaluation.

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