The California labor law attorneys of United Employees Law Group handle overtime and other wage violations.
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All California labor attorneys representing employees are not created equal. The experience and tenacity of your California labor law attorney can sometimes be the difference in the results you achieve on your case. Labor attorneys in California sometimes focus just on discrimination or harassment. However, our California labor law attorneys focus primarily on overtime claims, meal and break periods, and other payroll related claims. Our California employment attorneys feel that this focus gives us an advantage.

Experienced California Employment Attorneys
Overtime Pay Comes in Many Forms
“Knowledge is Power”
Our California employment attorneys understand the various requirements employers must follow to compensate employees under California labor law. Some of the matters our California labor law attorneys investigate are: overtime, exemption issues, meals and breaks, vacation pay, and reimbursable expenses.

A skilled California employment attorney can identify whether your employer is treating you fairly and can give you specific California labor law advice based on your particular employment situation. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys understand the intricacies of the ever changing California labor code and the important court cases that impact California employees. Employers, whether intentionally or not, routinely fail to pay employees properly when it comes to something as simple as minimum wage pay for all hours worked, or paying for non-commuting mileage such as travel between job sites. These amounts add up quickly if left unchecked by a California labor law attorney.

Why Our Attorneys Fight for Your Overtime Pay?
"Because it Belongs to You!"

The answer really is quite simple. It belongs to YOU. If your Los Angeles employment attorney determines that you are entitled to overtime and were not paid properly, your employer is unlawfully holding money that you have already earned. If your case is accepted, our California labor and employment law firm will seek to vigorously pursue the monies owed to you. Our California labor law attorneys are passionate about assisting you in recovering all the money you have earned! Recovering your own overtime pay serves as a message to your employer to “clean up” the workplace and to stop taking advantage of hardworking employees. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys do offer a free consultation about your potential California overtime claim. 

California Labor Law and Overtime Class Actions
"There is Power in Numbers!"

Class actions are powerful, and if merited, this extremely effective legal tool is the preferred method to recover damages for our clients AND change the policies and practices of companies violating California labor laws. More importantly, due to the intensity of this type of litigation, class action cases sometimes bring results faster than individual cases. If your claims are similar to other employees that work in the company, and there are enough employees that would benefit from the filing of a California overtime class action, we will analyze your case as a class action. To learn more about California overtime class actions, click here. To receive your free case review from a California labor law attorney, complete the online form provided.

In Los Angeles, employment attorneys are plentiful. Many focus on smaller claims related to discrimination or retaliation, while others work in the California class action arena.  These California employment attorneys experience litigation at its highest level.  This experience is critical when dealing with complex litigation and large defense firms with abundant resources.  California labor law is ever changing. New statutes and governing court cases are constantly being introduced and having a Los Angeles employment attorney that stays abreast of these changes is essential to success. If you have a CA labor law or overtime violation that you feel is similar to other employees in the company, our Los Angeles employment attorneys are available to review your potential claim.

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